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Published 2019-03-20

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    A dental implant is often mentioned as an ideal solution for replacing one or more missing teeth, where the loss of the teeth occurs for several reasons.
    Modern life moves way too fast and doesn’t give us much time for simple pleasure as a habit of eating healthy, moving enough. We are often exposed to stress which is also affecting our oral health. Fortunately, constant innovation in the field of dental medicine has found a solution for missing teeth, which can be effectively and permanently replaced by dental implants.  But how, when and why to choose a dental implant? The questions will be answered by the team of experts at Dentech.


    A dental implant is a screw-shaped tooth root replacement which is surgically placed to the jawbone. It is used to replace the root of the tooth which was previously removed due to big damage or root inflammation, where the endodontic therapy has previously failed to cure, or due to the Periodontitis where your teeth can eventually let loose and even fall out.
    A dental implant is manufactured from biocompatible materials, from titanium, and is inserted in strictly controlled conditions. At the Dentech Clinic the implantation is performed by a specialist of maxillofacial surgery with many years of experience in implantology.
    With the detailed physical examination and CBCT scan, we can confirm that you have the right predispositions for the procedure (bone with sufficient volume and quality). At Dentech we only use recognized and proven brands of implants, such as:

    Nobel Biocare
    Implant Direct

    The safety and efficiency of the procedure are guaranteed because of the quality of the used implant brands and the knowledge and experience of our staff.


    When the patient is missing a single tooth, an implant is an ideal solution to fill in the gap between the teeth, in order to return the aesthetics, functionality and the unique set of your teeth. Between the implant and the dental crown, an abutment (titanium or zirconium) is placed as a connecting component.


    In situations, where there are not enough natural teeth that can be bound in a bridge, two or more implants can be used as ‘anchorage’ teeth. Such dental bridges are created from several crowns, and can completely solve the patient’s functional and aesthetic problems. It is a fixed solution, which is always a preferred option by most patients, primarily due to its stability and strength, which is important for the chewing process.


    Toothless jaw requires a slightly different approach than the previous two situations, but fortunately, there are innovative and modern fixed prosthetic solutions in dental medicine. The most commonly used method for total mouth restoration is the ‘ALL ON 4‘ method. All on 4 refers to a full arch restoration where 4 implants are placed to support a fixed prosthesis with 10 -14 teeth.
    This method is world-wide accepted by state-of-the-art dental clinics and solves the most demanding situations in the best possible way. It enables to every patient a healthy function and aesthetic of the teeth which returns the self-confidence and with that also an active social life. The procedure is completely painless, very quick, safe and it comes with a lifetime warranty (product warranty). But the biggest advantage is the fact that it will bring back your long forgotten smile.

    Due to the great interest and many inquiries for dental implants received in the month of February, we have decided to extend our special offer. Therefore, for confirmed appointments by 15th April, each of our patients will receive:

    10% discount on dental treatments for one person
    12% discount on dental treatments for a couple
    15% discount on dental treatments for a family of 4

    If you have lost one or more teeth, maybe you are a suitable candidate for previously mentioned treatments with dental implants.
    The process is so simple. Contact us on or call us on +385(0)21 599 961 and get your free therapy plan.

    Dentech Team of experts will find an ideal solution for your dental problems and regain your beautiful smile while spending your holidays in Croatia!

    Dentech, the better side of your smile!

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