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Intraoral scanner

Published 2015-04-15

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    Neither silicone, nor alginate, nor dust, nor any other equipment and materials used for taking classic dental impressions compare to the intraoral scanner. Already a mainstay here at Dentech, it has become a vital and irreplaceable part of our equipment.

    The advantages of an intraoral scanner are many. Digital fingerprints are not only its most innovative feature, they are also the most adaptable solution in the age of digital dental medicine.

    The intraoral camera, or 3D scanner, represents the first step in the making of cutting edge digital prosthetics. The use of scanners and the CAD/CAM system is quite simple. The CAD design software offers presets and ready-made solutions, which only require a bit of polishing before the final product is adapted to the needs of each patient and situation.
    In addition to being useful, these systems operate at exceptional speed and accuracy.

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